Patreon Alternatives to Get Money on Content

Patreon is one way that you can get paid for digital content, such as video, digital paintings, pictures, gaming, fan art, streaming, and many more. It is one way to support content creators, and also one of the most popular, and easy ones. It is paid service that would let people support content creators, by subscribing to the member and paying for such content.

There are many Patreon alternative that many content creators could use, that would make selling, and getting money from their content easier than before. There are paid Patreon, as well as free Patreon that every content creator could use, not just limited to the gaming Patreon, but also fan arts, pictures, video, streaming, and many other contents that could be published on Patreon.

Here Are a Few Alternatives to the Patreon Website That Could Support the Content Creator

In this article, we will show you some of the best Patreon alternative that you can use to help your hustle, and find a platform for your audience to donate, support your works, and it will be a perfect fit for your channel, and audiences.

If you can’t use Patreon, or probably prefer not to, then here are a few alternatives that you can use other than Patreon. The selections here are alternatives for Patreon, paid, and free versions that many content creators could use. So, here are a few alternatives you can use to support your content creation.

  • Podia

Podia is considered one of the best alternatives for Patreon. It is an all-in-one tool and feature that could enable anyone to support, and become a member of any content creator. Content creators can sell subscriptions, and create content, and digital products, along with paid membership, and online courses.

One advantage of Podia is that it is affordable, offers nice support, easy to run, and is beginner friendly. User-friendly tools could expand the tools and online donations that could be used for any content creators to sell their digital products. It is a great option for anyone, even beginner content creators to earn some money from their digital arts, following, and community.

  • Kajabi

Kajabi is an alternative to the Patreon website, an all-in-one website that hosts a digital marketing platform. It let content creators, from gaming, video editing, digital artists, and even online mentoring sell their digital products. You can sell your products in the form of the download link, community subscriptions, membership, and also online courses.

It is very easy to create and monetize your digital content, along with the tools of members-only content. Easily customizable pages, and tools to provide varieties of digital content from fan arts, video, subscriptions, membership, streaming, download link, game download, and many more. It is a very simple creation tool, along with complete email marketing.

However, it is paid website and tools, meaning that creators would need to pay for their plan, as there is no free plan. It is also limited to digital products, as there are limitations to selling physical products on this platform.

  • Page

Like most digital marketing platforms, the HY page is an all-in-one tool that enables content creators, online tutors, and artists to get support from their following, and community. It enables them to sell online resources so that artists and content creators could fund their projects, and earn hard-earned money.

It allows content creators to have a unique bio that will be linked up with most of their social media platforms, so the followers could reach all of the social media from the content creators.

It is a very generous free plan that can be used freely, set up an easy custom domain that could make your domain accessible, and easy way to sell your digital products, allowing membership and subscriptions. However, one disadvantage of the HY page, is that it hasn’t supported the API option yet.

  • Ko-FI

Well, if you are looking for a way to fund your projects, and earn money through digital content, then you might want to try out Ko-Fi. It is one of the best digital marketing tools to support smaller content creators, which will give you a lot of functions and tools that could promote, sells, and create content for sale, as well as create subscriptions or membership.

It is perfect for many creative workers, writers, podcasters, etc since it could give their followers an option for donation.

  • Memberpress

Memberpress is another alternative for the Patreon website, and it is a WordPress-based tool and plug-in that will allow you to sell download links, create member-only content, and gate the contents of your WordPress website.

It has abilities for various membership tiers, accepting payments via direct transfer, and it is a great way for many content creators and creative workers to earn some money for their digital content, as well as monetize their website.

  • YouTube Channel Membership

Perhaps this is one of the most popular ones; the YouTube channel membership is a tool from YouTube, a social media platform that would let you share videos. With a YouTube channel membership, you will have alternatives way of earning money via channel memberships, and merchandise, other than earning from ad-sense.

It is very popular among YouTubers, however, it isn’t the best way to earn some money from digital content, if you are still a beginner and still building your community. It is very easy to sign up, as well as to manage some exclusive content for your membership, the only restriction being that you will need at least 1.000 subscribers to qualify for the YouTube channel membership.

  • Facebook Subscription

Facebook subscription is a platform that will let you monetize, and sell your digital content through Facebook, creating member-only content, for subscribers only. It is very easy to set up, and it is already a popular platform that many people trusted and use.

Now, these are some Patreon alternative websites and tools that you can use to monetize your digital content. From videos, fan art, picture, game, podcast, writing, and online courses, these are things that you could sell exclusively through these tools, if you want an alternative to Patreon, due you can’t use it in your region.

Best Online Fundraising Platforms

As a content creator, to earn some money there are many ways you can, from using advertisements in your content, accepting the commission, and selling your content, or projects on the marketplace. If you are developing a game and would need funds to support your projects or content, one way is to use fundraising platforms and a membership marketplace platform.

These fundraising platforms could be used to raise funds for your projects, as well as a way for content creators to sell off their content. This way, the creators would earn some money, and focus on producing their content for their supporters, and their supporters would support their favorite content creator, and help them in their project.

One simplest way is through fundraising, and content membership websites such as Ganknow, the best website for content creators earning money, selling their merch, accepting donations, and also managing their membership, all of which could be used for free.

These Are the Best Online Fundraising Platform

These are the 7 best fundraising online platforms where many content creators could sell their membership, subscriptions, selling their merchandise, and fundraising for their projects. From usual content creators, gaming streamers, game development fundraisers, streamers looking for a donation, and many more. These are the best online fundraising platforms streamers could use.

  1. Ganknow

One of the popular and new ways for many content creators could earn their money, receive donations, and manage their membership. It is all free to use, with many things you can do, along with easy-to-use platforms, and 5 minutes setup, and you can use Gank to receive all your needs from donations and raise funds from your content creation.

It is one of the best ways for many content creators in South East Asia to expand their community and create a membership community for all of the streamers, social media creators, content video creators, podcast creators, cosplayers, and many more.

  1. Donorbox

Donorbox is a specialized fundraising platform that could let you raise funds, sell your content, and many more. It is one great way to raise funds, as you would need, to receive donations, and sell merchandise. Not only that, it features many amazing features that could help video content creators and many other creative workers.

  1. GoFundMe

GoFundMe, is one pretty popular fundraising platform, as it can be used for several ways, such as raising funds for your projects, and even trivial things such as raising funds for a cancer boy, but sometimes many people are using this platform for many wrong donations, and fundraising, so many people don’t have high trust on this platform whatsoever.

  1. Patreon

This is one of the most popular memberships and fundraising platforms that many people used all around the world, for content membership, subscriptions, game development fundraising, and many more. It has features for membership and subscription-based content that could benefit many of its creators.

There are several contents you can find on it, such as videos, fan art, game development projects, donations, and many more fundraising projects you can find.

  1. YouTube Membership

If you watch a lot of YouTube, then you might already be familiar with YouTube membership, as this is a way for many channels to gate the exclusive content for their video, receive donations, and sell as selling exclusive merchandise from their channels.

It is already a very popular platform, and many big YouTubers are using this platform to manage their exclusive member-only content, with thousands of growing communities.

  1. Facebook Subscriptions

This is a way for many Facebook content creators to earn money, besides from streaming and selling merchandise, as for the platform, Facebook is already a very popular platform that many people would use, and is marketed toward several audiences.

  1. OneCause

OneCause is an online fundraising platform that many people could use to raise funds, receive donations, and sell as selling merch and content for digital artists. It is an excellent way for people to raise funds, as well as get to sell the content, perfect to use for many digital creative workers such as podcasters, online teachers, video content creators, and many more.

Now, these are the 7 best fundraising online platforms, perfect for any content creators to sell off their merch, and content, with easy payment, growing community, and many more benefits from it.

How to Earn as Content Creator with Membership

No matter when you are working as a content creator, working at home online tutor, or working as a digital artist, there are many ways you can earn some money. Other than the commission, there are many ways digital artists and creative workers could earn money. One such thing is through a membership website that will let you earn money from the following, with exclusive member-only content, and selling digital art.

This digital art marketplace platform is a tool and platform for many content creators and digital artists to earn money through subscriptions and membership. It will let your followers support your work, and supporting your project, fundraise your projects, and sell digital arts, such as video, fan arts, content creation, writing, online courses, game, and many more.

So, how exactly do we make money from fundraising websites, and membership websites? How digital artists could earn money through their digital art.

How to Make Money from a Membership Website 

There are many ways that content creators make money, from creating videos and getting ad-sense, using advertisements in their content, going for commission, and so on. One way to fundraise the projects, and for the artist to earn money is through membership websites and subscription content. So how does it work, and can it be a better alternative for advertisement?

  • Membership Allowing for premium, member-only content membership

Website allowing you to gate your content to make it premium, member-only content, subscriptions content, with the comfort of payment and contents, So the membership website is the perfect way to create premium content, earning some money based on your followings, and community that could help support you and your project.

  • Earning money without commission or advertisement

Many ways for an artist that could earn money, be it through commission projects, or placing an advertisement in their content. The commission is a good way to earn some money, however many people hate taking in commission projects, and if you want to earn money aside from commission, one good way is through the membership website content.

There are many membership websites you can use, such as the popular one Patreon, and YouTube membership. There are also many other projects, and the website you can use, aside from the popular one.

  • A good way for fundraising projects

If you have big projects, such as game development, a membership website could help you to do fundraising, letting your following support your projects, as well as promoting your project on social media, and membership workshops. Fundraising can be the form of membership, and paid subscriptions that could fund your project, and contents.

  • Many types of digital content you can sell

There are many digital contents that you can sell for your membership website or subscription-based marketplace. From video content, fan art, commission page, game development, online learning courses, and many more, digital artists could create these contents that could sell well through the membership website.

The artists than could gate the content based on the follower’s tier, public tiers, subscribers, paid membership, and a loyal paid membership could be rewarded with faster-releasing content.

The Benefits of a Membership Website

There are many benefits that artists could use from the membership, and subscription-based website, such as the premium gated content, growing community, and freedom of selling the content they want from video content, fan art commission, video game development, and online learning courses. It could be gated based on their paid membership tier.

What are the benefits of having a membership website for content creators? These are the benefits you can get by using this membership and subscription-based marketplace.

  • Freedom of selling contents

It has freedom of what content you want to sell, from video content, fan art, writings, game development, and many more. It is an excellent way so that many content creators would find a better place to sell their content.

  • Easy payment

Easy payment system as you can get many ways for costumers to paid, and gets your contents. From Mastercard, Visa, and many more.

  • Growing community 

The growing community of the marketplace, and many ways to reach other social media, will increase the artist’s outreach. You can link up your social media, discord server, and many other content creator platforms with your membership website.

What is GamePal? News and Competitors

What is GamePal? GamePal is the largest MMO marketplace, buying, and selling MMO accounts, trading items, exclusive costumes, etc. Buying and selling WOW accounts, Final Fantasy XI accounts Eve Accounts, World of Warcraft accounts, and many more. GamePal is your place to find the best accounts for your MMO, sell your items, as well as find a community of MMO pals.

GamePal provides the freedom to use a place for trading, buying, and selling accounts for many MMORPG games and online games. GamePal is headquartered in the United States, but can be accessed and freely used from all around the world, with the community-based in America and Europe. View data, news, and competitors of the GamePal here, to get you the best platform for trading MMO items, and accounts.

Why GamePal?

GamePal is one of the largest digital game marketplaces that you can use to buy, and sell accounts. Not just MMO accounts, but also other rare items, customs, and many more. One thing you should know is that in many games be its MMORPG, FPS, or Online games mostly it is illegal to buy and sell accounts, as your account is made for you only, not for sale.

However, with the GamePal, now you can buy and sell what you need for your MMO needs, from World of Warcraft accounts to the rare EVE accounts.

Why use GamePal? These are a few benefits and advantages of GamePal for the community and you as gamers.

  • GamePal is a dedicated MMO Gamer Account Marketplace

GamePal is the largest marketplace for trading, buying, selling, and auctioning for many MMO game accounts, like World of Warcraft, Eve, FFIX, Valorant, Steam account, Epic accounts, and many more. It is dedicated especially to the MMO games, not just for buying or selling accounts, but also transactions for the items, costumes, etc.

  • Trusted Payment system

With the trusted payment system that covers many media, and currencies. Payment such as PayPal, Mastercard, Steam gift card, bank transaction, and many more online payments for the GamePal, to make it easier, and safe for you, we also provide several official safety measures and transaction that has been regulated.

  • Moderators that regulate the transaction

Our moderators would regulate any transaction, and keep it safe and no scam on our platform. We would also provide safety measures, and guaranteed account safety and quality control.

  • Customer service that covers all your need

If you have any questions about GamePal, then you can ask our customer service which would happily guide you. Our customer service could help you if you have any problems related to transactions, buying or selling accounts, or what kinds of items you are searching for on the marketplace.

  • A growing community with a Discord channel

We also have a growing community of gamers on our marketplace, and websites, with the discord channel that could help you get in contact with buyers or sellers for thousands of MMO accounts. Find out many moderators, as well as on getting in contact with our mods, and admin for safe transactions, and discord auctions.

GamePal Company Data and Profile

Here are company data, and profiles from GamePal, from the company location, phone numbers, website, and revenue.

Phone number: 919 757 9648


Revenue: Less than $5 Million

SIC Code: 73.737

NAICS code: 54,541

CEO: Adrian Robey

Inventory Head: Abe Hudepohl

The Benefits of Using GamePal

Well, other than the largest community of MMO accounts trading site, GamePal has several benefits, and advantages you can get, from the safe transaction, customer service, and best offers for the price you can get.

Safe and secure transaction – You can now enjoy the comfort and safety of every transaction with us, along with the Gamer protection that will guarantee your transactions, and inventory.

Customer Services – Our team of customer service will be ready to help you whenever you are having troubles with sales and buying on our website, with the utmost respect for services.

Best offers and prices – You can find the best offers and prices for any MMO accounts, and gift cards on our website here, with the competitive prices in the free markets, and fluctuating markets of MMO accounts trading. We will be guaranteed you will have better prices or at least die trying.

Streaming and Content Creation as Business

Becoming a content creator, and streaming might be one of the most popular choices of career, and many people want to be successful content creators. Many videos and streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and much more streaming platforms have now become more popular, and prevalent on the internet, with many categories, such as gaming, music, and many more.

One might think that becoming a streamer is an easy job, as they will just, well talk and play games all day. However, this isn’t the case, as the streamer job is far more complicated than that. Many tried to become streamers and content creators then were disappointed when it was tougher than they expected.

To become a successful streamer, or content creator, other than passion, and seeing it as a hobby, you should also look it up as a business. You will need to see streaming and content creators with a business approach. This is one fundamental aspect of becoming successful streamers and one keynote that distinguish special streamers from other.

The Streaming and Content Creation When Approached from Business Perspectives

With growing audiences of streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch, now becoming a streamer is also one option to be a full-time job, however, there is always up and down when it comes to job and business, let alone streamers that always need to entertain their audiences.

If you want to see streaming and content creation as a business approach, to turn your hobby into a profitable business so you can do full-time streaming, then you will need to see it from a business perspective to develop your channel. Here, let us give you some tips and directions on how to develop your channel into a profitable business.

Choose Target Audiences Before Creating Your Content

This is one important aspect that many streamers overlook; it is choosing the correct target audiences. Just like any business choosing potential buyers or customers, streamers would also need to choose their target audiences properly.

How old do you want to get your target audiences? If you want to get children and teen audiences, then creating content such as mobile gaming content is one of the popular contents on many platforms. Every audience can be categorized into many sub-groups, ages, gender, preferences, and many more.

Build Up Your Persona, Characters, and Brand Name

Build up your character or persona. Every content creator and streamer need to build up a persona for the amusement of their audiences. You can of course become yourself and create any content as much as you want, but it can only get you so far as long as you can entertain your audiences.

Manage Your Social Media, and Interact With Your Audiences

Managing your social media, just like any business managing their relationship not just with potential customers, but also with other potential business partners. Defending your brand name, building up your characters from scratch, as well as knowledge on how to manage your social media even with a lot of hate, or critics from your audiences.

Ad Is Where You Get Paid, But Don’t Overdo It

If you are streaming on a platform such as YouTube, you should know that one of the profit sources you will get is from advertisements or Google ad-sense. Before you can get ad-sense to your video or stream, you won’t be able to get any money, not even a dime for every video.

This is where you get your profits, however, advertisement is notorious for their annoyances, so putting too many ads will get you many profits, but you will get hated by your viewers.

Follow the Trend and Market

This is one thing that separates good streamers from the best streamers. Now, it is also a matter of choices, and preferences on what content you would create, and what type of game you play if you are a gamer streamer. However, by following the trend and public market, you will gain a much better audience number and a growing community that follows your channel.

Yes, you can completely ignore trends on the market, but your channel growth will be limited to that community itself. Playing games or the following trend is your best bet to get more audiences to your channel, as well as bring in more profits from donations, ads, and new membership.

What You Need to Become a Gaming Streamer

You might be wondering, can I get paid just to play a game all day, every day, on my computer? Well now you can, if you can be a successful gaming streamer. Becoming a game streamer is the dream job for every gamer, so no wonder that many people are looking to become one, but can you become a successful gaming streamer?

However, you should know that becoming a game streamer isn’t as easy as you might think. You will need to know how to create content, how to captivate your audiences, create a brand, and your unique characters, as well as many other things you need to prepare if you want to become a gaming streamer.

So, how do you do it? How to become a successful gaming streamer? Here are the things that you will need to become a gaming streamer.

What Do We Need to Become a Game Streamer?

Aside from PC and peripherals that can accommodate your stream, you will also need many things such as endurance to stream, knowing how to captivate the audience, knowing what to talk about and what you shouldn’t talk about, and many more. Becoming a game streamer might not be as easy as it looks, but it is still a dream job for every gamer.

  1. Good PC and Peripherals

One thing you will need is a PC with good specs and its peripherals. For a PC to be able to accommodate streaming, it should at least have processors with 3.8 Ghz, Good quality Graphic cards (for streaming, minimum of GTX 1060 or better), 16 GB of Ram, 2 TB of hard disk (you will need more since streaming take a lot of disk space), and SSD to speed up the booting and game loading process.

Other peripherals like gaming headsets, keyboards, gaming mice if you play an FPS game, and Elgato if you are planning to stream mobile games.

  1. Know how to captivate the audience

One thing you should know is, that the key to becoming a successful streamer knows on how to make an audience interested, and captivate them with your gameplay, or voice. Knowing how to captivate audiences and therefore making them entertained is the key to becoming a successful gaming streamer.

It isn’t easy, but therefore, you should learn your communication skills, how to interact with your audience, as well as to know how to interact properly with your audience.

  1. Build up your characters early

Every streamer has their persona, and how they talk on camera is usually their persona. This persona or character is built up from the early career of every streamer. You need to build a better persona for your streaming session, consider if you want to be serious streamers, comedic streamers, or wanted to just who you are without any persona.

Consider your target audiences, the age restriction, and also their preferences. This is an important aspect of building a proper streamer persona.

  1. Know how to talk, what to talk, and things you shouldn’t talk about

This is a communication skill that every streamer should have. Streamers need to always talk while they play. It seems to be easy or very enjoyable things to do, but the truth is, it isn’t. Ask many professional streamers or Youtuber, how they can talk while playing so easily.

Not just talk, but they also need to avoid many sensitive topics, toxicity, racial slur, and many things to avoid. Many streamer careers have ended early just because they talked about wrong things, or accidentally talk about sensitive things, then berated by everyone.

  1. Social media outreach, knowing how to handle social media

Being a streamer isn’t just about playing a game, but you will also need to manage your social media. Know how to handle social media fans, as well as manage social media accounts. Avoid ruining your reputation, and streamer brands just because blunder on social media. This is also many cases of streamer scandals, and things streamer should avoid.

  1. Endurance and perseverance

Of course, technical, and communication skills aside, the endurance and perseverance of the streamer are also the keys. It isn’t easy to stream for more than 2 hours to 4 hours, let alone marathon streaming, such as Subathon which has been popular among YouTubers, and some Twitch streamer.