Best Online Fundraising Platforms

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As a content creator, to earn some money there are many ways you can, from using advertisements in your content, accepting the commission, and selling your content, or projects on the marketplace. If you are developing a game and would need funds to support your projects or content, one way is to use fundraising platforms and a membership marketplace platform.

These fundraising platforms could be used to raise funds for your projects, as well as a way for content creators to sell off their content. This way, the creators would earn some money, and focus on producing their content for their supporters, and their supporters would support their favorite content creator, and help them in their project.

One simplest way is through fundraising, and content membership websites such as Ganknow, the best website for content creators earning money, selling their merch, accepting donations, and also managing their membership, all of which could be used for free.

These Are the Best Online Fundraising Platform

These are the 7 best fundraising online platforms where many content creators could sell their membership, subscriptions, selling their merchandise, and fundraising for their projects. From usual content creators, gaming streamers, game development fundraisers, streamers looking for a donation, and many more. These are the best online fundraising platforms streamers could use.

  1. Ganknow

One of the popular and new ways for many content creators could earn their money, receive donations, and manage their membership. It is all free to use, with many things you can do, along with easy-to-use platforms, and 5 minutes setup, and you can use Gank to receive all your needs from donations and raise funds from your content creation.

It is one of the best ways for many content creators in South East Asia to expand their community and create a membership community for all of the streamers, social media creators, content video creators, podcast creators, cosplayers, and many more.

  1. Donorbox

Donorbox is a specialized fundraising platform that could let you raise funds, sell your content, and many more. It is one great way to raise funds, as you would need, to receive donations, and sell merchandise. Not only that, it features many amazing features that could help video content creators and many other creative workers.

  1. GoFundMe

GoFundMe, is one pretty popular fundraising platform, as it can be used for several ways, such as raising funds for your projects, and even trivial things such as raising funds for a cancer boy, but sometimes many people are using this platform for many wrong donations, and fundraising, so many people don’t have high trust on this platform whatsoever.

  1. Patreon

This is one of the most popular memberships and fundraising platforms that many people used all around the world, for content membership, subscriptions, game development fundraising, and many more. It has features for membership and subscription-based content that could benefit many of its creators.

There are several contents you can find on it, such as videos, fan art, game development projects, donations, and many more fundraising projects you can find.

  1. YouTube Membership

If you watch a lot of YouTube, then you might already be familiar with YouTube membership, as this is a way for many channels to gate the exclusive content for their video, receive donations, and sell as selling exclusive merchandise from their channels.

It is already a very popular platform, and many big YouTubers are using this platform to manage their exclusive member-only content, with thousands of growing communities.

  1. Facebook Subscriptions

This is a way for many Facebook content creators to earn money, besides from streaming and selling merchandise, as for the platform, Facebook is already a very popular platform that many people would use, and is marketed toward several audiences.

  1. OneCause

OneCause is an online fundraising platform that many people could use to raise funds, receive donations, and sell as selling merch and content for digital artists. It is an excellent way for people to raise funds, as well as get to sell the content, perfect to use for many digital creative workers such as podcasters, online teachers, video content creators, and many more.

Now, these are the 7 best fundraising online platforms, perfect for any content creators to sell off their merch, and content, with easy payment, growing community, and many more benefits from it.