Patreon Alternatives to Get Money on Content

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Patreon is one way that you can get paid for digital content, such as video, digital paintings, pictures, gaming, fan art, streaming, and many more. It is one way to support content creators, and also one of the most popular, and easy ones. It is paid service that would let people support content creators, by subscribing to the member and paying for such content.

There are many Patreon alternative that many content creators could use, that would make selling, and getting money from their content easier than before. There are paid Patreon, as well as free Patreon that every content creator could use, not just limited to the gaming Patreon, but also fan arts, pictures, video, streaming, and many other contents that could be published on Patreon.

Here Are a Few Alternatives to the Patreon Website That Could Support the Content Creator

In this article, we will show you some of the best Patreon alternative that you can use to help your hustle, and find a platform for your audience to donate, support your works, and it will be a perfect fit for your channel, and audiences.

If you can’t use Patreon, or probably prefer not to, then here are a few alternatives that you can use other than Patreon. The selections here are alternatives for Patreon, paid, and free versions that many content creators could use. So, here are a few alternatives you can use to support your content creation.

  • Podia

Podia is considered one of the best alternatives for Patreon. It is an all-in-one tool and feature that could enable anyone to support, and become a member of any content creator. Content creators can sell subscriptions, and create content, and digital products, along with paid membership, and online courses.

One advantage of Podia is that it is affordable, offers nice support, easy to run, and is beginner friendly. User-friendly tools could expand the tools and online donations that could be used for any content creators to sell their digital products. It is a great option for anyone, even beginner content creators to earn some money from their digital arts, following, and community.

  • Kajabi

Kajabi is an alternative to the Patreon website, an all-in-one website that hosts a digital marketing platform. It let content creators, from gaming, video editing, digital artists, and even online mentoring sell their digital products. You can sell your products in the form of the download link, community subscriptions, membership, and also online courses.

It is very easy to create and monetize your digital content, along with the tools of members-only content. Easily customizable pages, and tools to provide varieties of digital content from fan arts, video, subscriptions, membership, streaming, download link, game download, and many more. It is a very simple creation tool, along with complete email marketing.

However, it is paid website and tools, meaning that creators would need to pay for their plan, as there is no free plan. It is also limited to digital products, as there are limitations to selling physical products on this platform.

  • Page

Like most digital marketing platforms, the HY page is an all-in-one tool that enables content creators, online tutors, and artists to get support from their following, and community. It enables them to sell online resources so that artists and content creators could fund their projects, and earn hard-earned money.

It allows content creators to have a unique bio that will be linked up with most of their social media platforms, so the followers could reach all of the social media from the content creators.

It is a very generous free plan that can be used freely, set up an easy custom domain that could make your domain accessible, and easy way to sell your digital products, allowing membership and subscriptions. However, one disadvantage of the HY page, is that it hasn’t supported the API option yet.

  • Ko-FI

Well, if you are looking for a way to fund your projects, and earn money through digital content, then you might want to try out Ko-Fi. It is one of the best digital marketing tools to support smaller content creators, which will give you a lot of functions and tools that could promote, sells, and create content for sale, as well as create subscriptions or membership.

It is perfect for many creative workers, writers, podcasters, etc since it could give their followers an option for donation.

  • Memberpress

Memberpress is another alternative for the Patreon website, and it is a WordPress-based tool and plug-in that will allow you to sell download links, create member-only content, and gate the contents of your WordPress website.

It has abilities for various membership tiers, accepting payments via direct transfer, and it is a great way for many content creators and creative workers to earn some money for their digital content, as well as monetize their website.

  • YouTube Channel Membership

Perhaps this is one of the most popular ones; the YouTube channel membership is a tool from YouTube, a social media platform that would let you share videos. With a YouTube channel membership, you will have alternatives way of earning money via channel memberships, and merchandise, other than earning from ad-sense.

It is very popular among YouTubers, however, it isn’t the best way to earn some money from digital content, if you are still a beginner and still building your community. It is very easy to sign up, as well as to manage some exclusive content for your membership, the only restriction being that you will need at least 1.000 subscribers to qualify for the YouTube channel membership.

  • Facebook Subscription

Facebook subscription is a platform that will let you monetize, and sell your digital content through Facebook, creating member-only content, for subscribers only. It is very easy to set up, and it is already a popular platform that many people trusted and use.

Now, these are some Patreon alternative websites and tools that you can use to monetize your digital content. From videos, fan art, picture, game, podcast, writing, and online courses, these are things that you could sell exclusively through these tools, if you want an alternative to Patreon, due you can’t use it in your region.