What You Need to Become a Gaming Streamer

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You might be wondering, can I get paid just to play a game all day, every day, on my computer? Well now you can, if you can be a successful gaming streamer. Becoming a game streamer is the dream job for every gamer, so no wonder that many people are looking to become one, but can you become a successful gaming streamer?

However, you should know that becoming a game streamer isn’t as easy as you might think. You will need to know how to create content, how to captivate your audiences, create a brand, and your unique characters, as well as many other things you need to prepare if you want to become a gaming streamer.

So, how do you do it? How to become a successful gaming streamer? Here are the things that you will need to become a gaming streamer.

What Do We Need to Become a Game Streamer?

Aside from PC and peripherals that can accommodate your stream, you will also need many things such as endurance to stream, knowing how to captivate the audience, knowing what to talk about and what you shouldn’t talk about, and many more. Becoming a game streamer might not be as easy as it looks, but it is still a dream job for every gamer.

  1. Good PC and Peripherals

One thing you will need is a PC with good specs and its peripherals. For a PC to be able to accommodate streaming, it should at least have processors with 3.8 Ghz, Good quality Graphic cards (for streaming, minimum of GTX 1060 or better), 16 GB of Ram, 2 TB of hard disk (you will need more since streaming take a lot of disk space), and SSD to speed up the booting and game loading process.

Other peripherals like gaming headsets, keyboards, gaming mice if you play an FPS game, and Elgato if you are planning to stream mobile games.

  1. Know how to captivate the audience

One thing you should know is, that the key to becoming a successful streamer knows on how to make an audience interested, and captivate them with your gameplay, or voice. Knowing how to captivate audiences and therefore making them entertained is the key to becoming a successful gaming streamer.

It isn’t easy, but therefore, you should learn your communication skills, how to interact with your audience, as well as to know how to interact properly with your audience.

  1. Build up your characters early

Every streamer has their persona, and how they talk on camera is usually their persona. This persona or character is built up from the early career of every streamer. You need to build a better persona for your streaming session, consider if you want to be serious streamers, comedic streamers, or wanted to just who you are without any persona.

Consider your target audiences, the age restriction, and also their preferences. This is an important aspect of building a proper streamer persona.

  1. Know how to talk, what to talk, and things you shouldn’t talk about

This is a communication skill that every streamer should have. Streamers need to always talk while they play. It seems to be easy or very enjoyable things to do, but the truth is, it isn’t. Ask many professional streamers or Youtuber, how they can talk while playing so easily.

Not just talk, but they also need to avoid many sensitive topics, toxicity, racial slur, and many things to avoid. Many streamer careers have ended early just because they talked about wrong things, or accidentally talk about sensitive things, then berated by everyone.

  1. Social media outreach, knowing how to handle social media

Being a streamer isn’t just about playing a game, but you will also need to manage your social media. Know how to handle social media fans, as well as manage social media accounts. Avoid ruining your reputation, and streamer brands just because blunder on social media. This is also many cases of streamer scandals, and things streamer should avoid.

  1. Endurance and perseverance

Of course, technical, and communication skills aside, the endurance and perseverance of the streamer are also the keys. It isn’t easy to stream for more than 2 hours to 4 hours, let alone marathon streaming, such as Subathon which has been popular among YouTubers, and some Twitch streamer.